Dott. Angelo De Martino

From 1985 to 1988 Researcher Research in biochemistry, nutrition and development and manufacture new drugs “Phargal Pharmasint” Pharmaceutical industry
From 1988 to 1990 Scholarship in Biological Chemistry Researcher in Biological Chemistry, Nutrition and Products and Natural Molecules University of Rome “Tor Vergata” – Department of Biochemistry – Biology
1990 to present Researcher Researcher in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Nutrition, Cytology and Histology University of Rome “Tor Vergata” – Department of Biochemistry – Biology
Since 2005 Director of the “Antismoking Centre” and “Addiction Centre” – NutriSalus Medical Centre  
Since 2007 Publisher and Scientific Director of “NutriSalus News”, a periodical magazine of scientific information in the field of dietician, nutrition, naturopathic medicine, nutraceutical molecules, natural supplements, natural and complementary medicines and BioNatural disciplines – court of Velletri Registration N ° 8/2010
From 2010 to now Director of Research and Study Centre for Overweight and Obesity –NutriSalus Medical Centre NutriSalus Group srl – Study and Research Centre Overweight and Obesity – Natural Therapies Centre